Location, Why Buy in San Juan del Sur?


San Juan del Sur: The Best Place to Buy Investment Real Estate in Nicaragua

Nicaragua's Pacific coast has many beaches whose beauty rivals or surpasses the far, far more expensive coastal developments of California, Mexico, and Costa Rica. New developments are springing up to meet the demand for custom homes in planned developments. As beautiful as they are, many of Nicaragua's scenic beaches require a drive of thirty minutes on unpaved roads to reach facilities like restaurants, grocery stores, medical clinics, and banks.

We selected San Juan del Sur as the ideal site for Bahia del Sol based on market research from Calvet and Associates, the leading research firm in Central America. Nicaragua's only established beach front resort town, San Juan del Sur is the only location that combines beautiful beaches and convenient access to everything you need and want. 

Small, peaceful, friendly, and safe San Juan del Sur's excellent harbor is the only one on Nicaragua's Pacific that can host a cruise ship today. 

There is already a good choice of restaurants, shops, and banks with ATM services. Substantial funds have been committed to upgrade the town's medical facilities with a modern clinic.

Two factors are especially important to the buyer seeking investment potential. First, San Juan del Sur is already a leading destination for tourists visiting Nicaragua and for more affluent people in Managua and within Central America. The Calvet study indicates that there is a significant shortage of quality hotel rooms in the market. This means the probability of strong occupancy and higher rates is greater in San Juan del Sur than other locations.

The political climate in San Juan del Sur is also favorable for long term growth and capital appreciation. The local government realizes that uncontrolled growth will destroy the character of San Juan and the opportunities for increased prosperity in the future. They want planned growth with no high rises, not any growth. This in combination with the limited supply of developable land close to town and beach is favorable to capital appreciation for those who buy now.