Maderas Beach


Playa Maderas is located just north of San Juan del Sur.

It is only about 10 kilometers from town though a 10-20 minute drive depending on road conditions as the Chocolata Road

(aka, the Coast Highway Road) is a dirt road in the dry season and a muddy road in the rainy season.

But don’t let this deter a visit to Playa Maderas, as it is the most consistent surf spot in Southern Nicaragua! And, beach shuttles run from San Juan del Sur every day.

If you are going to rent a vehicle, a 4X4 is recommended for the

rainy season as the hill into Playa Maderas is rather steep. From town just follow the Chocolata Road, there will be signs at the turn off before the Chocolata Junction, take this left turn, then just stay on this road. At the last fork in the road stay to the right going up the steep hill and as you come down the other side, you are at Playa Maderas!

Year round there are always waves to be had and even though this is one of the most popular surf spots the crowds are thin compared with surfing at most spots in North America!

And, the views of the coast line are stunning, walk the beach at low tide and don’t forget to stay and watch sunset!