Sailing Adventures

Explore the local coastline of San Juan del Sur. We can help you to arrange two types of trips; a full day sail (including beachcombing, snacks and beverages and a gourmet barbecue lunch), and a breathtaking sunset cruise. We don’t mind saying that both are spectacular; you’ll be treated to delicious snacks and drinks for the duration of your sail.


Sea Kayaks

Enjoy a peaceful morning or afternoon ride cruising along the beautiful bay of San Juan del Sur in one Kayak. Life vests, paddles, helmets and operation instructions are included. Hourly, daily and weekly rentals are available; adult and child size kayaks are available, too.


Panga Tours

“Panga” is the local term for an outboard motor fishing boat. These types of boats are available for hire to explore the phenomenal coastline and pristine beaches, or for a day of fishing.

San Juan del Sur is a fishing village, perhaps most famous for the local favorite pargo (red snapper). Rooster fish, tuna, and the ever-elusive red snapper are also among the anticipated catch of the day…you can bring one back turn it into your dinner!

We will be glad to make a reservation for your maritime excursion – just let us know when you would like to book your boat trip!


Surf’s up!

Nicaragua is quickly becoming known as a surfer’s paradise – here in Central America and throughout the world. With steady winds year-round and its remote beaches, Nicaragua is the new up and coming surf destination. Whether you are a beginner or a shredder, we know the guides who know the waves. Rental gear is also available.



Sea Turtles

Local wildlife refuge, Playa La Flor, is one of the world’s most important nesting sites for the olive ridley sea turtle, and about a 40 minutes’ drive to the south. From July to December, up to 8,000 female sea turtles crawl ashore at La Flor and lay their eggs in the amazing phenomenon known as the arribada (“the arrival”). It is one of just a handful of beaches in the world that witness such a spectacle. Do not miss it!!


La Flor National Park

La Flor National Park is an 800 hectare tropical dry forest and wildlife reserve, approximately 60 minutes south of town. It is one of the most important nesting sites for sea turtles in all of the Americas. The park also conserves valuable mangroves and a small estuary. The beach is a precious 800 meter light tan-colored sand cove touched by green-blue waters.

Massive arrivals of turtles can be observed in the nearby La Flor National Park. Between July and January approximately 30,000 Olive Ridley sea turtles arrive at the park’s beach. The Leatherback sea turtles also arrive at La Flor, but with less frequency. It is an unforgettable privilege to see these 600 pound sea giants.

Female sea turtles dig holes with their rear flippers and patiently lay up to 120 eggs, covering them with sand and then calmly returning to the ocean. For

approximately 45 days, the eggs incubate in the sand until the little turtles hatch all at once and make an instinctive run to the sea, while birds, crabs and fish prey on them. The La Flor Wildlife Refuge has a year round nest patrolling system, thus assuring that humans don’t become the main predators.


Canopy Tours

Close to San Juan del Sur is “Da Flying Frog Canopy Tour,” where you can experience the thrill of zipping through the forests and soak in the majestic views of this wonderful bay community and the sparkling blue of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy a 2.5 kilometers ride with 17 platforms in contact with nature. It is definitely safe for all ages. Please let us know when and what time you would like to make a reservation. They are open every day from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 04:00pm.



The mountains surrounding our bay are great for hiking. We can point you to the Cross (La Cruz), or to several neighboring beaches. We can also coordinate guided hikes for you. Be sure to bring lots of water and stay hydrated during your hike – it can get hot!


Horseback Riding

Experience the terrain and beauty surrounding San Juan del Sur on guided horseback tours. Perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. Please check on availability and current prices with the reception clerk.


Classic Cruisers

If you would like to drive out yourself for a fun, bumpy and rough ride to the southern or northern beaches we can get a classic cruiser for you, which is a 4x4 JEEP to hit the dirt, muddy, slippery and bumpy roads and trails to the beaches. Ask for the Johnny Classic Cruisers at the front desk.



Meet the most beautiful landscapes of Nicaragua. Get on an ATV on a nature trail to see all the tourist attractions of San Juan del Sur.

From the beaches to the mountains, on an ATV, you can discover the best routes in San Juan del Sur that you never thought you would see.

Contact us at the front desk to reserve your ATV guided tour or ATV rental.


Day Trips


Volcanoes and Artisans: Masaya and Pueblos Blancos.

The full day trip includes exploration of active volcanoes like Masaya volcano, shopping in the artisan markets of Masaya, San Juan de Oriente, Catarina, and sampling the local cuisine.


Colonial Granada by Horse Drawn Carriage and Boat:

This full day trip includes touring the oldest colonial city in the Americas by horse drawn carriage, a lunch stop in a typical Nicaraguan restaurant, followed by a boat tour through the 365 island archipelago.


Mombacho Cloud Forest and Laguna del Apoyo:

Explore the natural wonders of the cloud forest and nature preserve of Volcán Mombacho. After hiking through the orchids and bromeliads of the cloud forest, there is an option for a canopy tour. Afterward, enjoy a relaxing lunch and a swim at Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic crater surrounded by lush vegetation.


Overnight Trips


We’ll drive you approximately 5 hours to León for a memorable colonial city experience coupled with volcano hikes. The first attention is spent in the city experiencing the art, poetry and history of Nicaragua. Spend the night in a gorgeous El Convento Hotel and wake up early the next day for an incredible hike of Cerro Negro. Optional tours include visiting a beautiful crater lagoon “La Laguna del Tigre”, the ruins of León Viejo or Isla Juan Venado Wildlife Reserve for bird and crocodile watching.


Ometepe Island: 

During this expedition we will take you to the most interesting places of Ometepe, our first place to visit will be Punta Jesus Maria, the narrow peninsula with black volcanic sand, then will have the opportunity to enjoy and learn about Charco Verde which is a crater lake full of myth and surrounded by a great biodiversity of both, flora and fauna. After that, we will visit the natural spring which is a very refreshing swimming hole and the Beach of Santo Domingo located right between two volcanoes, there after we will have the chance to witness archeological sites with pre-Columbian stone status, and more than 3000 thousand years old petroglyphs located in the classic Magdalena coffee farm, this pretty farm, is also famous for their organic and tasty coffee.

Please let us know well in advance when, what time and what date you would like us to arrange a tour for you, and we will gladly reserve and schedule it for you.